Splash Pad

What’s more fun for children than being able to play in the water on a hot day? Our Splash Pad is located at Debden Park and can be activated at 9 am daily, until Labor Day! The system is designed to cut off in order to save water so if you show up during operating hours and it’s not on, simply press the activate button!

Splash Pad Safety & Rules - we take water safety seriously!

  1. The Splash Pad is unsupervised.
  2. The Splash Pad may not be reserved for private parties.
  3. The surface is slippery – water shoes are recommended.
  4. Children under the age of 10 should be accompanied by an adult.
  5. No lifeguard or attendant on duty; enjoy splash pad at your own risk.
  6. Children that are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers.
  7. No changing of diapers on Splash Pad.
  8. No street shoes.
  9. Do not carry dirt, mud, or sand onto the Splash Pad.
  10. Use of Splash Pad is prohibited outside of posted hours.
  11. No climbing on Splash Pad apparatus, railing, barriers, or fence.
  12. Do not use Splash Pad during severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, lightning, or extreme winds.
  13. Do not cover water spray fixtures or drains.
  14. Please be courteous to others.
  15. No profanity allowed.
  16. Offensive or unsanitary behavior is prohibited.
  17. Running, climbing, or rough play is not permitted on the Splash Pad.
  18. Alcohol is not permitted on the Splash Pad.
  19. Drinks, food, or gum are not allowed on the Splash Pad.
  20. Bikes, skates, or skateboards are not permitted on the Splash Pad.
  21. Do not drink the water as spray fixtures use recirculated water.
  22. No animals of any kind are allowed on the Splash Pad.
  23. Restroom and changing facilities are located inside the picnic shelter.
  24. Violators will be removed from the park.
  25. Splash pad subject to closure for maintenance or other concerns.