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  Commercial Sponsorship & Advertising  

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About us . . .


As a sponsor, your company can take advantage of the promotional opportunities afforded at a military installation. This includes tapping into a well-defined target market that takes the guess work out of your media planning. A professional marketing team provides all the promotional coverage. You will have the opportunity to expand your market, improve your profit, and receive immediate and relevant feedback. Additionally, you will generate goodwill, while supporting very worthy Air Force events.

WHO YOU REACH . . .... approximately 12,330 people in the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base community, with more disposable income than the average American family.


  • Active Duty 4,262
  • Military Dependents 5,805
  • Civilian Employees 1,326
  • Reservists 800
  • Training/Cadets 109
Seymour Johnson’s AFB annual economic impact on the community is approximately $310,000,000.

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Sponsorship opportunities
  • Wings Over Wayne Community Appreciation Day - Air Show
  • Wing Sports Day
  • Annual Car Show
  • Annual Build-a-Boat Competition
  • 4th of July Celebration
  • Club Events
  • Musical Entertainment
  • Varsity Basketball
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Bowling Programs
  • Youth Sports Programs
  • Softball Tournaments
  • Comedy Nights
  • Talent Shows
  • Youth Festivals and Activities
  • Numerous Outdoor Sporting Events

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Sponsorship benefits
  • High Visibility
  • Name Recognition
  • Product Sampling
  • Promotional Giveaways
  • Base & Community Media Releases
  • Sponsor’s Logo on all promotional items pertaining to event
  • Publicity prior to event
  • Cross marketing within all Force Support activities.
  • On-site recognition on day of event:
  • Signage, Product Display, Promotions, Banners and Public Announcements

The Air Force military community can become your loyal customer! Call us at (919) 722-5318 TODAY!

AF Star Bullet Event opportunities

We offer any person, business, or firm the opportunity to "give back" to the SJAFB Community through the means of commercial sponsorship. Not only does this help the SJAFB Community but the local community as well plus providing sponsors outlets for advertising their good name and products. A WIN situation for all parties.

We have numerous events held throughout the base and all through the year. Listed below are some of the larger key events but we do have several smaller events that are also open to sponsorship.

Please feel free to call or write regarding any program or event type you may want to be a part of.

The degree of benefits offered is based on value of sponsorship. All events are different. Event coverage is based and determined by time frame of publicity available, type of event,  location and availability for tents and tables, target market and attendance expected, and appropriate venue for announcements on event day.

Due to situations beyond our control changes and rescheduling of events can happen. Sponsorship funding will be applied to the next appropriate event.

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Event sponsorship levels

Wing Sports Day
Approx. 2000 attendees
Sponsorship Level - $500

Base 4th of July Celebration
Approx. 6000 attendees
Sponsorship Level - $600

Three Eagles Golf Course Tournaments
Targets all ages
Sponsorship Levels - $200 and $600

Bowling Programs
Special Events & Tournaments
Sponsorship Level - Varies to Event

Youth Sports Programs
Basketball, Soccer & Baseball
Sponsorship Level - $300 per team per selected sport season

Fitness and Sports Center
Softball and Varsity Basketball
Sponsorship Level - Varies to Event

Youth Programs' Air Force Teen Talent Show
Sponsorship Level - $300

Base Halloween Block Party
Approx 3000 attendees
Sponsorship Levels - $600

Wings Over Wayne Private Party Chalets
Golf Hole Sponsorship Program
TEGC Hole Sponsor ad
Sponsorship Ad

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Monday - Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Commercial Sponsorship

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