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  Family Child Care: ACC Program of the Year 2012 & ACC Provider of the Year 2014  

AF Star Bullet Heart animationNOW SEEKING: Individuals with big hearts, patience and overflowing love

We are calling on you, our military spouses to join us in making a difference in the lives of our children and families.

Family Child Care is recruiting individuals who enjoy working with children requiring lower ratios for special needs (this may include asthma, cerebral palsy, physical impairments, SDHD, ADD and autism). Seymour Johnson currently has numerous families needing assistance with Special Needs children. If you are interested in lending support to these children and parents, Family Child Care is the place for you. We offer the following:

  • Free personalized training from top-notch professionals, which may be transferred to child development and youth programs
  • Self-employment with personal and monetary benefits
  • Access to a free lending library with toys, materials and reference books to get you started
  • CPR/First Aid certification
  • Child Abuse awareness/prevention training
  • Monthly visits from FCC Coordinator and flight trainers
  • Support and assistance from the base hospital

To reserve your slot in our next FCC orientation, call 722-7194.

FCC recruiting ad

***Family Child Care is available to affiliate with off-base providers licensed by the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education.

This program accepts children, employment of staff and approval of providers with chronic health problems including HIV positive individuals.

AF Star Bullet
About us . . .

Our goal is to make quality child care available to military members and Department of Defense employees so they are able to successfully perform their mission duties, secure in the knowledge their children are being cared for in a safe, healthy and loving environment. The program is designed to provide an alternative to child development center care for families that need evening or weekend care, care for children with special needs, infants, and school age children, as well as care during swing and midnight shifts. Our program also offers an opportunity for spouses to contribute to the family income while caring for children in their own home.

Family child Care alternative

AF Star Bullet
Eligibility and Participation

Children, infants through 12 years of age, of any active duty military personnel or Department of Defense civilian employee are eligible to receive care.

Benefits of Using Family Child Care

  • Care for children as young as 2 weeks in a home environment
  • Providers are trained and licensed to offer quality child care services
  • Homes conveniently located in base housing
  • Care for special needs children available
  • Fewer number of children in care
  • Flexibility for shift workers
  • Free child care for base volunteers through Air Force Aid Society Child Care for Volunteers Program

AF Star Bullet
Extended Duty Child Care Program

Enables families to obtain high-quality child care from licensed or affiliated providers at or near their base when weekly parental workloads (due to longer duty hours) exceed their typical 50-hour child care arrangements. Child care provided is for non-traditional hours, i.e. evenings and weekends at no additional cost to parents. The EDC initiative also helps parents with “child care emergencies” when their regular source of child care is not available. Other approved use includes spouses of deployed or TDY members needing child care, created in part by absence of spouse, as well as FCC providers that have medical appointments or need substitute care on a limited basis.      

  • Extended duty days beyond those hours provided in child care centers
  • Temporary shift changes
  • Rapid mobilization
  • Deployment
  • On-base mission related duty

Extended Duty Care

The program is administered through the Family Member Programs Flight.  The Family Child Care Coordinator supports the program by ensuring childcare providers on installations are screened, trained and licensed to provide childcare.  The coordinator monitors the homes and conducts unannounced inspections during the extended hours of operation.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in the program, please complete the AF FCC ECC form below and drop it off to the Family Child Care office or email it to the coordinator. For more information, call 919-722-7194.

  • Air Force Family Child Care Expanded Child Care form

AF Star Bullet Child Care for Volunteers

Recognizing the importance of volunteers to our community, Air Force Aid Society provides funding for Child Care for Volunteers who engage in supporting programs, which benefit our community.  Although some exceptions are applicable it is our desire to support as many volunteers as possible that work at a variety of agencies throughout the base.  For more information contact the Family Child Care Office at 919-722-7194 or the Airman & Family Readiness Center at 722-1123.

AF Star Bullet
Child Care for PCS Program

This program is designed to help relieve some of the stress felt by families who are in the process of a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move.  Co-sponsored by The Airman & Family Readiness Center and Air Force Aid, the program offers up to 20 hours of childcare, per child, in licensed Family Child Care homes.  Families may receive a certificate both at the base the family is departing from and the base where the family is arriving. Certificates are valid within 60 days of departure if issued at departure base, and 60 days of arrival if issued at the new base. For more information, contact the Family Child Care Office at 919-722-7194 or A&FRC at 919-722-1123.

Child Care for PCS

Department of Defense Launches at
Seymour Johnson AFB

Website Provides Families a Single Online Gateway to Military Child Care

Families at Seymour Johnson AFB have access to a Department of Defense (DoD) website designed to simplify and improve the child care request for care process. (MCC) provides a single online gateway for families to access military-operated or military-subsidized child care options worldwide across all Services. The site enables families to create a household profile, conduct child care searches, submit requests for care, and manage their requests at any time and from any location.

The new DoD site – which is being introduced worldwide in phases – offers a more streamlined approach to finding and requesting care, expedites placement through a standardized request process and waitlist management tools, and provides reports that help programs better plan for future placement needs.

Through, eligible families can search and request care for full day and part day options in facility-based and home-based programs for children from birth through age 12. Families may remain on a preferred program’s waitlist even after being offered care or enrolling in another program.

For additional information, go to or contact the Help Desk by calling the toll free number, 855.696.2934 or emailing 

Returning Home Care
FCC Deployment Care
Home Community Care
Be a Family Child Care Provider

The need for quality childcare for our community has never been greater.  Family Child Care Providers enjoy the convenience of working at home while caring for military and Department of Defense dependent children.  Make the decision today to join our team as we strive to provide children with their foundation for life.  Fill out an application package today. 

Become a Family Child Care provider

Benefits of becoming a licensed Family Child Care Provider

  • Free training
  • Ability to supplement family income while staying at home with own children
  • Earn additional income by participating in the Child and Adult Food Program
  • Toys and equipment provided through the lending library reduce start up costs
  • Support and mentoring provided by the Family Child Care Program staff
  • Paying 75% of cost of accreditation
  • Provider of the Year Program
  • Purchasing an on-line curriculum program for some providers

For Parents
--AF FCC Brochure
--SJ FCC Brochure
--USAF FCC Guide

Provider Application Package

Unlicensed Family Child Care notice
Unlicensed Family Child Care Hotline
Operating a Family Child Care Home is a privilege granted by the Mission Support Group Commander. All individuals providing childcare in their home for more than 10 hours per week must be licensed.  Unlicensed childcare is a violation of Air Force and Seymour Johnson AFB guidelines and may result in the loss of government housing privileges.

If you suspect someone of providing unlicensed day care call 919-722-7194.

The NACCRRA website provides valuable information on the Air Force's Growing Spaces initiatives (QFCC, HCC, OCC, OMCC, & OMCCIYN) as we continue our efforts to support families seeking affordable, quality care when on-base care is not available or nearby.

   4th Force Support Marketing and Commercial Sponsorship
 © Copyright 2005 by Air Force Services Agency - Used by permission 

AF Family Child Care Logo
Now located in the Airman & Family Readiness Center
Suite 100

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. to 4 p.m
Closed Weekends & Holidays

(919) 750-2147 (cell)



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